China best Auto Parts Tie Rod Axle Joint 7L0422821 Front Axle Left for Porsche Audi VW axle for car

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Auto Parts Tie Rod Axle Joint 7L0422821 Front Axle Left for PORSCHE AUDI VW




AUDI : 2H571404
AUDI : 2H571803
AUDI : 7L0422803B
AUDI : 7L0 422 803 B SK
AUDI : 7L0422803C
AUDI : 7L0 422 803 C SK
AUDI : 7L0422803D
AUDI : 7L0 422 803 D SK
AUDI : 7L0422804B
AUDI : 7L0 422 804 B SK
AUDI : 7L0422804C
AUDI : 7L0 422 804 C SK
AUDI : 7L0422804D
AUDI : 7L0 422 804 D SK
AUDI : 7L0 422 810 D
AUDI : 7L0422821
SEAT : 2H571404
SEAT : 2H571803
SEAT : 7L0422821
FORD : 7L0422803D
PORSCHE : 9553475710
PORSCHE : 9553475711
PORSCHE : 9553475712
PORSCHE : 95534703220
PORSCHE : 95534703221
PORSCHE : 95534703222
SKODA : 2H571404
SKODA : 2H571803
SKODA : 7L0422821
VAG : 2H571404
VAG : 2H571803
VAG : 7L0422821
VW : 2H571404
VW : 2H571803
VW : 2H0 419 803 SK
VW : 2H571804
VW : 2H0 419 804 SK
VW : 2H0 419 810
VW : 2H0 419 810 SK
VW : 7L0422803B
VW : 7L0 422 803 B SK
VW : 7L0422803C
VW : 7L0 422 803 C SK
VW : 7L0422803D
VW : 7L0 422 803 D SK
VW : 7L0422804B
VW : 7L0 422 804 B SK
VW : 7L0422804C
VW : 7L0 422 804 C SK
VW : 7L0422804D
VW : 7L0 422 804 D SK
VW : 7L0 422 810 D
VW : 7L0422821


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0571 1B



AUDI  Q7 (4LB) 4.2 TDI quattro  2007-2009  BTR  4134  240  SUV
AUDI  Q7 (4LB) 4.2 TDI quattro  2009-2015  CCFA,CCFC  4134  250  SUV
AUDI  Q7 (4LB) 6.0 TDI quattro  2008-2014  CCGA  5934  368  SUV
PORSCHE  CAYENNE (92A) 3.0 Diesel  2011-  MCR.C,MCR.CA  2967  180  SUV
PORSCHE  CAYENNE (92A) 3.0 Diesel  2571-  M 05.9E,MCN.RB  2967  176  SUV
PORSCHE  CAYENNE (92A) 3.6 V6  2571-  M 55.02,MCE.YA  3598  220  SUV
PORSCHE  CAYENNE (92A) 4.8 S  2571-  M 48.02  4806  294  SUV
VW  AMAROK (2HA, 2HB, S1B, S6B, S7A, S7B) 2.0 BiTDI CD Highline 4motion  2571-2012  CDCA  1968  120  Pickup
VW  AMAROK (2HA, 2HB, S1B, S6B, S7A, S7B) 2.0 CD Highline Trendline BiTDI 4motion 2011-  CNEA,CSHA  1968  132  Pickup
VW  AMAROK (2HA, 2HB, S1B, S6B, S7A, S7B) 2.0 TDI 4motion  2571-2013  CDBA,CNFA  1968  90  Pickup
VW  AMAROK (2HA, 2HB, S1B, S6B, S7A, S7B) 2.0 TDI CS 4motion  2012-  CNFB  1968 103  Pickup
VW  TOUAREG (7LA, 7L6, 7L7) 2.5 R5 TDI  2003-2571  BAC,BPE  2461  128  SUV
VW  TOUAREG (7LA, 7L6, 7L7) 3.0 V6 TDI  2004-2571  BKS,CATA  2967  165  SUV
VW  TOUAREG (7LA, 7L6, 7L7) 3.0 V6 TDI  2007-2571  CASA,CASC  2967  176  SUV
VW  TOUAREG (7P5, 7P6) 3.0 V6 TDI  2571-2018  CASD,CJMA,CRCD,CVWA  2967  150  SUV
VW  TOUAREG (7P5, 7P6) 3.0 V6 TSI Hybrid  2571-2018  CGEA,CGFA  2995  279  SUV
VW  TOUAREG (7P5, 7P6) 4.2 V8 TDI  2571-2018  CKDA  4134  250  SUV



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Selling Units: Single item
Package Type: Industrial packing Single box packing  According to customer’s requirement

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ZheJiang Mighty Machinery Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer of auto bearings for more than 20 years. We provide a one-stop service for our customers. Our main products include wheel bearings & hub assembly, belt tensioners, clutch release bearings, and other parts.

Relying on the professional and rich manufacturing experience and many substantial factories which stable cooperated for many years, PPB supplies customers high-quality products at very competitive prices.


Customer’s satisfaction is our First Priority, We adhere to the concept of ” Quality First, Customer First”. We will continue to provide high-quality products and the best services to our customers and build up CZPT long-time friendship partners.



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More than 20 years of manufacturing and exporting experience
OEM manufacturing available
Full range, large stock
Quickly feedback
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One-stop service
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1. What’s the minimum order quantity?

We don’t have the minimum order quantity. We can also provide free samples, but you need to pay the freight.

 2. Do you provide ODM&OEM order service?

Yes, we provide ODM&OEM services to customers around the world, and we can customize different brands and different sizes of packaging boxes according to customers’ requirements.

3. After-sales service and warranty time

We guarantee that our products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship within 12 months from the date of delivery. The warranty is void due to improper use, incorrect installation, and physical damage.

4. How to place an order?

Send us an email of the models, brand, quantity, consignee information, model of transportation, and payment
Confirm payment and arrange the production.

5. What are your packing conditions?

We use standardized export packaging and environmental protection packaging materials. If you have a legally registered patent, we will package the goods in your brand box after receiving your authorization

6. What are your payment terms?

T/T is 30% of the payment in advance and 70% balance before delivery. Before you pay the balance, we will show you photos or videos of the products and packaging.

7. How long is your delivery time?

The delivery time of sample order is 3-5 days, and that of a batch order is 5-45 days. The exact delivery time depends on the item and the quantity you ordered.

8. Do you test all products before delivery?
Yes, according to ISO standards, we have professional Q/C personnel, precision testing instruments, and an internal inspection system. We control the quality of every process from material receiving to packaging to ensure that you receive high-quality products

9. How do you make our business long-term and good relationship?
A:1. We keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit ;
2. We respect every customer as our friend and we sincerely do business and make friends with them,
no matter where they come from.

After-sales Service: One Year
Warranty: One Year
Material: Stainless Steel
US$ 9.9/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


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Where can I buy axle seals for preventing fluid leaks in my vehicle’s axles?

When it comes to purchasing axle seals to prevent fluid leaks in your vehicle’s axles, there are several options available. Here are some places where you can buy axle seals:

1. Automotive Parts Stores:

Visit local automotive parts stores such as AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, O’Reilly Auto Parts, or NAPA Auto Parts. These stores typically have a wide range of automotive seals, including axle seals, in stock. You can either visit the physical store or check their online catalogs to find the specific axle seal you need for your vehicle.

2. Dealerships:

If you prefer to purchase genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) axle seals, consider visiting a dealership authorized by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Dealerships often carry original parts that are specifically designed for your vehicle make and model. Contact your local dealership’s parts department to inquire about the availability of axle seals for your vehicle.

3. Online Retailers:

Online retailers like Amazon, eBay, and RockAuto offer a wide range of automotive parts, including axle seals. These platforms provide the convenience of browsing and purchasing axle seals from the comfort of your home. Make sure to check the product details, specifications, and customer reviews before making a purchase.

4. Local Mechanics and Repair Shops:

Local mechanics and repair shops often have access to a variety of automotive seals, including axle seals. They can source and install the appropriate seals for your vehicle during maintenance or repair services. Reach out to trusted local mechanics or repair shops in your area and inquire about their availability and pricing for axle seals.

5. Manufacturer’s Online Stores:

Some vehicle manufacturers have their own online stores where you can purchase genuine OEM parts, including axle seals. Visit the official website of your vehicle’s manufacturer and look for their online parts store. You can search for the specific axle seal needed for your vehicle using your vehicle identification number (VIN) or the model details.

6. Salvage Yards:

If you are looking for cost-effective options or rare axle seals, salvage yards can be an option. Salvage yards specialize in selling used parts salvaged from vehicles. However, when purchasing from salvage yards, it’s important to carefully inspect the condition and compatibility of the axle seals to ensure they are suitable for your vehicle.

When purchasing axle seals, make sure to provide accurate information about your vehicle’s make, model, and year to ensure you get the correct seals that fit your vehicle’s axle specifications. Additionally, consider factors such as the quality of the seals, warranty options, and return policies when making your purchase decision.

Remember, if you are unsure about the specific axle seals required for your vehicle or need assistance with installation, it is recommended to consult with a qualified mechanic or technician who can guide you in selecting the right seals and ensure proper installation to prevent fluid leaks in your vehicle’s axles.


How do axle ratios impact the performance and fuel efficiency of a vehicle?

The axle ratio of a vehicle plays a crucial role in determining its performance characteristics and fuel efficiency. Here’s a detailed explanation of how axle ratios impact these aspects:


The axle ratio refers to the ratio of the number of rotations the driveshaft makes to the number of rotations the axle makes. A lower axle ratio, such as 3.23:1, means the driveshaft rotates 3.23 times for every rotation of the axle, while a higher ratio, like 4.10:1, indicates more driveshaft rotations per axle rotation.

A lower axle ratio, also known as a numerically higher ratio, provides better low-end torque and acceleration. This is because the engine’s power is multiplied as it goes through the gears, resulting in quicker acceleration from a standstill or at lower speeds. Vehicles with lower axle ratios are commonly found in trucks and performance-oriented vehicles where quick acceleration and towing capacity are desired.

On the other hand, a higher axle ratio, or numerically lower ratio, sacrifices some of the low-end torque for higher top-end speed and fuel efficiency. Vehicles with higher axle ratios are typically used in highway driving scenarios where maintaining higher speeds and maximizing fuel efficiency are prioritized.

Fuel Efficiency:

The axle ratio directly affects the engine’s RPM (revolutions per minute) at a given vehicle speed. A lower axle ratio keeps the engine running at higher RPMs, which may result in increased fuel consumption. However, this ratio can provide better towing capabilities and improved off-the-line acceleration.

In contrast, a higher axle ratio allows the engine to operate at lower RPMs during cruising speeds. This can lead to improved fuel efficiency because the engine doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the desired speed. It’s worth noting that other factors, such as engine efficiency, aerodynamics, and vehicle weight, also influence fuel efficiency.

Manufacturers carefully select the axle ratio based on the vehicle’s intended purpose and desired performance characteristics. Some vehicles may offer multiple axle ratio options to cater to different driving preferences and requirements.

It’s important to consider that changing the axle ratio can have implications on the overall drivetrain system. Modifying the axle ratio can affect the vehicle’s speedometer accuracy, transmission shifting points, and may require recalibration of the engine control unit (ECU) to maintain optimal performance.

As always, for precise information on a specific vehicle’s axle ratio and its impact on performance and fuel efficiency, it is best to consult the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications or consult with automotive experts.


What are the signs of a worn or failing axle, and how can I troubleshoot axle issues?

Identifying the signs of a worn or failing axle is important for maintaining the safety and functionality of your vehicle. Here are some common signs to look out for and troubleshooting steps you can take to diagnose potential axle issues:

  1. Unusual Noises:
  2. If you hear clunking, clicking, or grinding noises coming from the area around the wheels, it could indicate a problem with the axle. These noises may occur during acceleration, deceleration, or when turning. Troubleshoot by listening carefully to the location and timing of the noises to help pinpoint the affected axle.

  3. Vibrations:
  4. A worn or failing axle can cause vibrations that can be felt through the steering wheel, floorboard, or seat. These vibrations may occur at certain speeds or during specific driving conditions. If you experience unusual vibrations, it’s important to investigate the cause, as it could be related to axle problems.

  5. Uneven Tire Wear:
  6. Inspect your tires for uneven wear patterns. Excessive wear on the inner or outer edges of the tires can be an indication of axle issues. Misaligned or damaged axles can cause the tires to tilt, leading to uneven tire wear. Regularly check your tires for signs of wear and take note of any abnormalities.

  7. Difficulty Steering:
  8. A worn or damaged axle can affect steering performance. If you experience difficulty in steering, such as stiffness, looseness, or a feeling of the vehicle pulling to one side, it may be due to axle problems. Pay attention to any changes in steering responsiveness and address them promptly.

  9. Visible Damage or Leaks:
  10. Inspect the axles visually for any signs of damage or leaks. Look for cracks, bends, or visible fluid leaks around the axle boots or seals. Damaged or leaking axles can lead to lubrication loss and accelerated wear. If you notice any visible issues, it’s important to have them inspected and repaired by a qualified mechanic.

  11. Professional Inspection:
  12. If you suspect axle issues but are unsure about the exact cause, it’s advisable to seek a professional inspection. A qualified mechanic can perform a thorough examination of the axles, suspension components, and related systems. They have the expertise and tools to diagnose axle problems accurately and recommend the appropriate repairs.

It’s important to note that troubleshooting axle issues can sometimes be challenging, as symptoms may overlap with other mechanical problems. If you’re uncertain about diagnosing or repairing axle issues on your own, it’s recommended to consult a professional mechanic. They can provide a proper diagnosis, ensure the correct repairs are performed, and help maintain the safety and performance of your vehicle.

China best Auto Parts Tie Rod Axle Joint 7L0422821 Front Axle Left for Porsche Audi VW   axle for carChina best Auto Parts Tie Rod Axle Joint 7L0422821 Front Axle Left for Porsche Audi VW   axle for car
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