China Standard Frontech Premum Quality Brake Disc Rotors Axle for Dodge Dekota for Audi for Cayenne axle bar

Product Description

Frontech Premum Quality Brake Disc Rotors Axle for Dodge Dekota for Audi for Cayenne

We’ve created an all-new brake rotor with exceptional performance and reliability. It can provide excellent braking effect, has strong durability and anti-wear properties, reduces the risk of brake failure, and is suitable for various models and driving needs. Choose our brake discs to make your driving safer and smoother.

Product Description

Product Name Frontech Premum Quality Brake Disc Rotors Axle for Dodge Dekota for Audi for Cayenne
Surface Finish 1. Grinding or Fine Turning, Normal surface without any coated/drilled/slotted
2. Partical Coated (Black color, Silver Color, Blue color and so on)
3. Geomet Coated
4. Full coated with black color
5. WZ Coating (Multiple color options)
Runout Standard


Radial DTV ≤0.03
Quality 100% Guaranteed


Precision manufacturing:

Frontech use advanced production technology and processes to ensure that each brake disc is manufactured accurately.

This precision manufacturing provides a perfect match in size and performance to the original brake disc, ensuring a smooth installation process.


Our Advantages


Products Name Frontech Premum Quality Brake Disc Rotors Axle for Dodge Dekota for Audi for Cayenne
Coverage Over 5000 items brake disc rotors, covering of 99% car models 
Qaulity OE Standard
Packages As per Customer’s requirements

Frontech brake discs Rotors have the following other 6 major advantages:

1. Excellent braking effect:
The brake disc is made of high-performance materials and special design, which can provide excellent braking effect, ensuring that you can stop quickly and safely in emergency situations.

2. Strong durability:
The brake discs are precision machined and strictly quality controlled, providing excellent durability and can withstand long-term and high-intensity braking use without failure.

3. Good anti-wear properties:
Our brake discs have excellent anti-wear properties, which can reduce wear during friction and extend the service life of the brake discs.

4. Low risk of brake failure:
The design and material selection of the brake disc have been professionally tested and verified, which can reduce the risk of brake failure and ensure driving safety.

5. Suitable for various models:
Our brake discs are suitable for various models, including cars, SUVs, trucks, etc. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, you can find a suitable brake disc.

6. Excellent driving experience:
With superior braking performance and stability, our brake discs can provide an excellent driving experience, giving you more peace of mind and comfort on the road.

Why Choose Frontech


  1. QUALITY PRODUCTS: FRONTECH is a young and dynamic team, we are committed to producing and providing the highest quality Chinese brake disc rotors products. Strictly control product quality and use advanced production processes and high-performance materials to ensure product reliability and durability and provide customers with an excellent user experience.

  2. Global services: Frontech focus on the world aftersale markets. We actively expand cooperation with customers and strive to deliver the highest quality Chinese brake products to every corner of the world. No matter where our customers are, we provide fast and efficient global services.

  3. Customer Satisfaction First: Frontech ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. Whether it is product quality, delivery punctuality, after-sales service or communication feedback, we make positive improvements and adjustments based on customer needs and opinions. We listen carefully to our customers and provide them with perfect solutions.

  4. Innovative spirit: As a young team, we have vitality and innovative spirit. Frontech constantly pursue technological progress and product innovation, and are committed to providing customers with more competitive products and solutions. We believe that through continuous innovation, we can grow and succeed together with our customers.

  5. Integrity and cooperation: Frontech are based on integrity and establish long-term partnerships with our customers. We adhere to our commitments, maintain transparent communication, and work together with our customers to achieve mutual benefit and CZPT goals.


Company Profile

Product Name   Frontech Premum Quality Brake Disc Rotors Axle for Dodge Dekota for Audi for Cayenne
Price Supports Available
Capacity 2500 Million Pieces 

One-stop automotive brake system to solve the problems, our factory can customize premium brake disc, brake pads, brake calipers, modified brake disc, cv brake pads, brake shoes and other brake accessories.

Frontech brake pads&Discs manufacturer provides professional ODM & OEM services, and we will tailor your needs, sales, design, procurement, merchandising team to follow up the entire customized service, each customer has a private butler.


In a highly competitive market, choosing a trustworthy partner is crucial.

Frontech are proud of our advanced production lines and first-class imported equipment to provide you with efficient and precise production services.

Fully automated production ensures process stability and product consistency.

We adhere to strict quality control to ensure every detail meets the highest standards.

When you work with us, you get unparalleled quality and performance that adds infinite value to your business!




FRONTECH, your solution partner!

Whatever the challenge, we have more solutions for you. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and our professional team will be happy to serve you!



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After-sales Service: 7days X 24HS on Line
Warranty: Permanent
Type: Brake Discs
Material: Gg20/G3000/High Carbon Steel
Position: Frontech Premum Quality Brake Disc Rotors Axle for
Certification: ISO/TS16949, ISO13485, ISO14001, BSCI, IATF-16949, ISO9001, ISO9002, AMECA, DOT, ECE, FSC, HACCP, GSV, Emark/R90
US$ 5/Pieces
1 Pieces(Min.Order)

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Are there guidelines for choosing the right axle for towing heavy loads?

When it comes to towing heavy loads, selecting the appropriate axle is crucial for ensuring safe and efficient towing performance. While the specific guidelines may vary depending on the vehicle and towing requirements, there are general considerations to keep in mind when choosing the right axle. Here’s a detailed explanation of the guidelines for selecting the right axle for towing heavy loads:

Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR):

One of the primary factors to consider is the Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR) provided by the vehicle manufacturer. The GAWR specifies the maximum weight that an axle is designed to support safely. It is essential to ensure that the selected axle’s GAWR is sufficient to handle the anticipated weight of the loaded trailer and any additional cargo or passengers in the towing vehicle. Exceeding the GAWR can lead to axle failure, compromised handling, and safety risks.

Towing Capacity:

Check the towing capacity of your vehicle, which represents the maximum weight that the vehicle is rated to tow. The axle’s capacity should align with the towing capacity to ensure safe and efficient towing. Consider the type and size of the trailer you intend to tow, including its loaded weight, tongue weight, and any weight distribution considerations. The axle should be capable of handling the anticipated load without exceeding its capacity.

Matching Axle and Suspension:

The axle and suspension system work together to support the weight of the vehicle and the trailer being towed. It is important to ensure that the axle and suspension are properly matched to provide adequate support and stability. Consider the type of suspension (leaf springs, coil springs, air suspension) and the axle’s design (solid axle, independent suspension) to ensure compatibility and optimal towing performance.

Braking System:

When towing heavy loads, the braking system plays a critical role in maintaining control and safety. Ensure that the axle is equipped with appropriate brakes that can handle the increased load. Consider the type of brakes, such as electric brakes or hydraulic brakes, and their capacity to provide sufficient stopping power for the combined weight of the towing vehicle and trailer.

Weight Distribution:

Proper weight distribution is essential for safe towing. The axle should be selected based on the anticipated weight distribution between the towing vehicle and the trailer. Consider factors like tongue weight and the use of weight distribution hitches or sway control devices to ensure balanced weight distribution and optimal handling characteristics.

Consult Manufacturer Recommendations:

Always refer to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, specifications, and guidelines when selecting an axle for towing heavy loads. The manufacturer’s guidelines will provide accurate and vehicle-specific information to help you make the right choice. Consult the owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer directly for any specific towing-related recommendations.

It’s important to note that towing requirements and axle specifications can vary depending on the vehicle make and model, as well as regional regulations. It is advisable to consult with automotive experts, such as mechanics or dealerships, who have expertise in towing and can provide specific recommendations based on your vehicle and towing needs.


How do axle ratios impact the performance and fuel efficiency of a vehicle?

The axle ratio of a vehicle plays a crucial role in determining its performance characteristics and fuel efficiency. Here’s a detailed explanation of how axle ratios impact these aspects:


The axle ratio refers to the ratio of the number of rotations the driveshaft makes to the number of rotations the axle makes. A lower axle ratio, such as 3.23:1, means the driveshaft rotates 3.23 times for every rotation of the axle, while a higher ratio, like 4.10:1, indicates more driveshaft rotations per axle rotation.

A lower axle ratio, also known as a numerically higher ratio, provides better low-end torque and acceleration. This is because the engine’s power is multiplied as it goes through the gears, resulting in quicker acceleration from a standstill or at lower speeds. Vehicles with lower axle ratios are commonly found in trucks and performance-oriented vehicles where quick acceleration and towing capacity are desired.

On the other hand, a higher axle ratio, or numerically lower ratio, sacrifices some of the low-end torque for higher top-end speed and fuel efficiency. Vehicles with higher axle ratios are typically used in highway driving scenarios where maintaining higher speeds and maximizing fuel efficiency are prioritized.

Fuel Efficiency:

The axle ratio directly affects the engine’s RPM (revolutions per minute) at a given vehicle speed. A lower axle ratio keeps the engine running at higher RPMs, which may result in increased fuel consumption. However, this ratio can provide better towing capabilities and improved off-the-line acceleration.

In contrast, a higher axle ratio allows the engine to operate at lower RPMs during cruising speeds. This can lead to improved fuel efficiency because the engine doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the desired speed. It’s worth noting that other factors, such as engine efficiency, aerodynamics, and vehicle weight, also influence fuel efficiency.

Manufacturers carefully select the axle ratio based on the vehicle’s intended purpose and desired performance characteristics. Some vehicles may offer multiple axle ratio options to cater to different driving preferences and requirements.

It’s important to consider that changing the axle ratio can have implications on the overall drivetrain system. Modifying the axle ratio can affect the vehicle’s speedometer accuracy, transmission shifting points, and may require recalibration of the engine control unit (ECU) to maintain optimal performance.

As always, for precise information on a specific vehicle’s axle ratio and its impact on performance and fuel efficiency, it is best to consult the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications or consult with automotive experts.


Are there aftermarket axles available for upgrading performance in off-road vehicles?

Yes, there are aftermarket axles available for upgrading performance in off-road vehicles. Off-road enthusiasts often seek aftermarket axle options to enhance the durability, strength, and performance of their vehicles in rugged and demanding terrains. Here’s some information about aftermarket axles for off-road applications:

1. Upgraded Axle Materials:

Aftermarket axles are typically made from high-strength materials such as chromoly steel or forged alloys. These materials offer superior strength and durability compared to stock axles, making them better suited for off-road use where extreme loads, impacts, and torsional forces are encountered.

2. Increased Axle Shaft Diameter:

Some aftermarket axles feature larger diameter shafts compared to stock axles. This increased diameter helps improve the axle’s load-carrying capacity and resistance to bending or torsion. It can also enhance the overall durability and reliability of the axle in off-road conditions.

3. Upgraded Axle Splines:

Axles with upgraded splines are designed to handle higher torque loads. Aftermarket axles may feature larger and stronger splines, providing increased power transfer capabilities and reducing the risk of spline failure, which can occur in extreme off-road situations.

4. Locking Differentials:

Some aftermarket axle options include integrated locking differentials. Locking differentials improve off-road traction by mechanically locking both wheels on an axle together, ensuring that power is distributed evenly to both wheels. This feature can be advantageous in challenging off-road conditions where maximum traction is required.

5. Lifted Vehicle Compatibility:

Aftermarket axles are often designed to accommodate lifted vehicles. Lift kits that raise the suspension height can impact the axle’s operating angles. Aftermarket axles may offer increased articulation or modified geometry to maintain proper alignment and reduce the risk of binding or premature wear.

When considering aftermarket axles for off-road vehicles, it’s essential to choose options that are compatible with your specific vehicle make, model, and suspension setup. Working with reputable manufacturers, consulting with experienced off-road enthusiasts, or seeking advice from professional mechanics can help you select the most suitable aftermarket axle upgrades for your off-road needs.

Lastly, it’s important to keep in mind that upgrading axles alone may not be sufficient for maximizing off-road performance. Other components such as suspension, tires, differential gears, and drivetrain systems should be considered as part of a comprehensive off-road build to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and safety.

China Standard Frontech Premum Quality Brake Disc Rotors Axle for Dodge Dekota for Audi for Cayenne   axle barChina Standard Frontech Premum Quality Brake Disc Rotors Axle for Dodge Dekota for Audi for Cayenne   axle bar
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